Sunday, September 1, 2013

The eCig Incident

Had a couple drags off my ecig in the airplane lavatory. So maybe it wasnt as relaxing as a real cigarette in my comfortable adirondack. But it did have its place. Maybe it was just the thrill of “smoking” aka vaping in an airplane liu or possibly it was just the knowledge that i had just received a quick hit of the oh so addictive drug nicotine. Either way, I’ve crossed into a new territory of sneaking vapor hits in places that would otherwise restrict smoking or anything relatively similar. Do I feel better? I dont think so. I didnt reallly have time to enjoy the momement. Much like a 15 yr old boy having sex for the first time, i was in and out so fast, I’m not even sure i did it right. Did i push the button? Did i get anything in my mouth? Again, not sure. I can say that i was overcome by the act of getting away with something near smoking; on a plane that is. Like that 15yr old boy, i may not know what I just did. But, I think i liked it.


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