Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why Haven't We Left Yet

Isn’t it an odd concept? Our lives, our society, our species, requires a thin atmosphere on a small rock orbiting a small star. Relatively speaking, this is all infinitely minuscule compared to the universe itself. Yet our lives depend on this atmospheric icing around earth.
From our perspective, we see earth from ground level, a world of forests, deserts, oceans, grasslands, cities, towns and jungles. But we all know perspective is just that; one way of looking at things. From a much bigger perspective, we are simply parasites; fucking, tunneling and forging our nests on and in this big blue testicle in our small neck of the universe.
So why do we perceive this as status quo? Why do most people aspire to a meaningless career, a home on earth, tangible objects to decorate our homes and persons with? Are we simply parasites that will continue to consume and procreate on our little rock; until there is no more. Or do we have the ability to move on?
Why haven’t we left yet? I suppose it it more economics than it is capability. We are capable of designing long stay habitat outside of the earths atmosphere. Economics on the other hand is an invention of man and really has no real meaning in the big picture. When future races study the universe billions of years from now, I’m certain the U.S. economy won’t be part of the equation. Humanity itself could be; if we survive. And we all know our survival requires us to get the hell out of dodge.
So why can’t we build your next home outside of this shit hole; modular style housing that protects us from the dangers of space, yet provides an untethered habitat to call home? Why do we continue to build our meaning less empires on this little rock we call earth? What’s the point? More importantly, what are we trying to accomplish?
Why haven’t we left yet?

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